Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant Essay

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Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are often referred to as the best NBA players in their respective era. Both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have had amazing careers (Kobe still plays for the Los Angeles Lakers), but only one of them is the better basketball player. This comparison is one that will be made for years to come because of a multitude of reasons, mainly because they are the two best shooting guards to ever play in the NBA. To be the better basketball player an individual must show how they are better in the regular season and in the playoffs. Michael Jordan is a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant.
Michael Jordan is one of the best regular season performers ever to play. While playing in the NBA, Jordan played 15 seasons. He played thirteen seasons with the Chicago Bulls and two seasons with the Washington Wizards. A brief listing of his top regular season accomplishments include Rookie of the Year, 5-time NBA MVP; 10-time All-NBA First Team, 9- time NBA All-Defensive First Team, Defensive Player of the Year, 14-time NBA All-Star, 3- time NBA All-Star MVP and 10 scoring titles which is an NBA record. In his career, Michael averaged 30 points, 5 assists, 6 rebounds and 2.5 steals per game in the regular season. Jordan’s career average of 30 points is the highest points per game in NBA history. In the 1986-1987 season, Jordan averaged 37 points per game which is the fifth highest in NBA history only behind Hall Of Famer Wilt Chamberlain. In the 1988-1989…

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