Michael Jackson : The King Of Pop Essay

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Sommer Selod
Mrs. Gonzales
9 September 2015
English 2
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson is one of the most famous musicians of all time. He has broken records, toured worldwide, and recorded several number one albums. Born to a large, poor family, he made it to earn the title “The King of Pop”. Though he is so well-known for his music, he has done several acts of charity which go unrecognized; he has definitely impacted the world in a positive way. Michael Jackson influenced not only America, but countries all over the world, by donating much of his wealth to charitable causes. He also used his power in the media and music industry to promote worthy causes such as black equality and the preservation of the environment; he lent things such as his time and property for the greater good. Michael probably donated more of his money than he spent on himself. He founded the Heal the World Foundation for Children. “HTWFC (Heal the World Foundation for Children) is a registered international children’s charity with staff and volunteers in 8 countries around the world, dedicated to providing relief to children disadvantaged through poverty, sickness, disability or loss.” (healtheworldforchildren.org). The Michael Jackson UNCF Endowed Scholarship Fund was created by him to help students studying performing arts; 1.5 million dollars were contributed to this fund as well as annual donations. UNCF consists of forty mostly black private colleges and universities. Michael donated to the…

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