Michael Jackson : The King Of Pop Essay

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We all know Michael Jackson to be the King of Pop, but do we really know the man behind the mirror? It all started in a small town called Gary, Indiana. After nine long months, the town’s expected arrival was born. Michael Joseph Jackson was the newest member of the Jackson family. Michael was born into a big family in Gary, on August 29, 1958. As the Jackson family grew older, they discovered some of their own musical talents. The beginning of their talents was created in the living room of their small house. Each child would participate in the ’concerts’ they would make including Michael. As a young child, Michael would dance and sing to have fun with his siblings in their shows. At that time, the family did not realize the talent Michael had. When they would ’perform’ in front of their father they had no intention to be in anything musical outside their own concerts, but Joseph had a plan. Joseph wanted to start a band, not for the boy 's enjoyment, but for the enjoyment, he would get the money afterward. The family never thought to realize that their own living room would be the start of a new band. In 1964, their father discovered each child’s talent starting with Tito. When Tito was playing his father 's guitar, the string broke unexpectedly. Instead of his father punishing him, Joseph saw his went talent and bought Tito his own guitar. While Tito played the guitar, he also wanted to sing along with Jermaine and Jackie. The three of them started their own band called…

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