Michael Jackson Research Paper

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Everybody knows Michael Jackson as the king of pop. His family sung in a group known as the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 was a group of young boys who sang and danced on stage. Jackson 5 stars 5 brothers who which one of them became a very famous singer with amazing dance moves. He was Michael Jackson. (Pratt, Mary) Michael Jackson had been known as the star of the Jackson 5. He was acknowledged for his beautiful voice and stunning dance moves. He struggled to go solo trying to prove he didn’t need his brothers. When he first tried to go solo he’d only had one popular song “ben”, a theme song for a horror movie. (Pratt, Mary) Jackson wanted to break from his family and proceed to a solo career. That’s when he took the role of a scarecrow in the …show more content…
First, he married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the famous rock and roll legend, Elvis Presley. Michael and Lisa were friends for about 6 years before the got married, but their marriage didn’t last 2 years as her father always got between them. (Pratt, Mary) He had another “less than 2 year “marriage with a girl name Deborah Rowe aka (Debbie). He and Debbie had 3 children. Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II. He was criticized after holding prince II over a balcony. (Pratt, Mary). He was criticized for the way he treated children. Once they saw him holding his baby over a balcony, they started to watch him constantly. They said that he spent more time with children than he did adults. They argued that it was odd for a grown man to hang around little children. (Pratt, Mary) Then, his skin color changed. Scandals about Michael Jackson’s appearance had spread all over the world. Most people said that he bleached his skin. The truth is he had “a skin condition known as Vitiligo, a skin-color transition that usually forms in spots.” The only thing different is that it covered his entire body. (Today I Found

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