Dramatic Elements Of Dracula Essay

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Shake & stirs adaptation of Dracula followed the plot of the original novel by Bram Stoker. Throughout the performance, Michael Futcher’s directorial choices regarding the elements of drama, acting skills and the gothic style made for a mostly effective creation and portrayal of the dramatic meaning, that there is evil in everything and everyone, and we fear it. The effectiveness dramatic meaning was conveyed through the successfulness of the dramatic action.
The directorial choices by Michael Futcher in Shake & stir’s production of Dracula created powerful dramatic action and meaning to the audience, through the use of the elements of drama including mood, tension and place. Firstly, his use of spot lights positioned on Dracula when he was hanging upside down heightened the mood as it created a feeling
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Furthermore, he creatively exploited tension of relationships to effectively portray the dramatic meaning through the utilisation of the relationships between Lucy and Jack; specifically when Lucy had been bitten by a vampire. Their interactions advanced the dramatic meaning as the audiences were confronted with the evil that had been placed in Lucy, and consequently, how Jack had to cope with it. Secondly, the relationship between Johnathon and Dracula at the commencement of the play conveyed the dramatic meaning through the suspicions created by Johnathon in relation to Dracula’s identity and evil motives. This relationship further developed the dramatic meaning as Johnathon feared the evil in Dracula. Finally, Futcher’s effective creation of tension of mystery heightened the dramatic meaning throughout the performance; the audience, alongside the characters, were left to question about the evil in Dracula, and the evil he placed in other characters by biting them, such as Lucy. In addition to this, Futcher enhanced the dramatic meaning and action through his effective employment of place. This was

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