Essay on Michael Downloaded The Facebook Application

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Michael downloaded the Facebook application on his smart phone hoping to connect with some of his old friends. He successfully connected with many old friends from high school and the Army most of which he had not spoken with in years. Instantly, he became a huge fan of social media because of the connection. In fact, he used Facebook daily to track what his friends were doing and even share some old pictures and memories. Facebook tracks everything that users do their website. They track what posts you like, what posts you comment on, what pages you click on, and many other factors. Additionally, they also track this same information about your friends and family on Facebook and apply it to your profile. This information suggests things similar to you and different from you. As a result, Facebook send suggestions about things which you and your friends would like.
Michael received a suggestion saying that the Impact Church would be a page he might like. He liked the page and began to read all the information disseminated from the page. He liked the messages that appealed to him and read all the posts featuring different scriptures, memes and invitations to bible study on page. One day Michael was experiencing some difficult challenges and decided to reach to me through the direct messenger on Facebook. At first, the conversation felt a little strange, but he began to share and the conversation lasted almost an hour—all on the direct messenger on Facebook. Later on, he…

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