Michael Brown And The 1st Amendment Essay

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Michael Brown and the 1st Amendment “A shot rang out in the Ferguson sky”. Although this line resembles a line from a song, the events that unite the two are real. Happened August 9th Michael Brown was shot by an officer in Ferguson named Officer Wilson. Michael Browns case didn’t go unheard from the, the main story, violate protests and witnesses comments and the prosecutor’s story will be mentioned in this paper. Officer Wilson violated the first amendment by not reading Michael Browns rights so the situation was not dealt with appropriately. The main story has so much detail that makes it sound so true. Michael Brown was an 18 year old teen and was unarmed and this event happened or occurred on August 9th. Wilson left an apartment he was on another call and got called to do another job that someone had robbed a local gas station for cigarettes with the description of Michael Brown. Wilson found him and pulled the car in front of him as Wilson got out of his car Michael Brown shut his door on him so Wilson tried again and Michael Brown shoved him in his car and punched Wilson in the face. After that Michael Brown started to run and Wilson chased him, Brown stopped moving then began moving at Wilson, Wilson shot at Brown and he was fatally injured. A total of twelve shots were fired, Michael Brown was shot at least six times, and the entire event lasted one min and twenty seconds. The witnesses story’s or comments are so jumbled up that the grand jury didn’t even know…

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