Mia, The Focal Child, And Betty Yu Essay

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These two videos contain the interactions of Mia, the focal child, and Betty Yu, the teacher. The videos were recorded nine months apart and shows the incredible language development that occurs with Mia. Both videos show Betty and Mia making pudding. However, the dynamics of their relationship and conversation change in the second video. By this time, Mia has evolved from stage 2 to stage 4 of communicative development. In video one, Mia is two and a half years old. The setting of the video is her family home. Mia’s mother and father are in the beginning of the video, but leave within the first ninety seconds of recording. Betty has just stopped by with a Trader Joe’s bag full of products needed to make pudding. It is clear that Mia has never made pudding or aware of what pudding is. Betty teaches her how to make pudding and conversates with Mia to give a clear example of her language development. In video two, Mia is three years and two months old. It is not clear where the video takes place. However, the recording is focused on a kitchen table. This is similar to the first video. Betty brings over products to make pudding with Mia. Mia’s language acquisition has clearly progressed because she recalls their last pudding collaboration. Not only does Mia remember how to make pudding, but her speech is more elaborate and clear.
First, we will discuss the changes in Mia’s communicative functions. It takes time for a child to develop knowledge…

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