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Google Considers and Reconsiders China

University of Phoenix

MGT/448 Global Business Strategies

May 20, 2012

As what has become the most widely used search engine in the world, it was a natural business progression to expand to another billion-plus people as Google considered entering the Chinese market. Google’s mission is to organize the world and it’s information resources and make it usable for everyone and very simple to understand. As the company debated its strategic entry into China, it had to consider the ramifications of that philosophy in a vastly different market.

Google had to achieve a balance between its corporate mission and the seemingly
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Based on the market share Google stood to gain, this idea is in essence the lesser of two evils. Whether the objective was serving as the world’s gateway to information or to maximize profitability, neither would be attained by either succumbing to government controlled censorship, or ignoring the market altogether.

It is difficult to determine what the Chinese people themselves actually think of Google’s presence in their world. Many of the Internet users in China do not actually use Google. Chinese ‘netizens’ are more partial to which is regarded by many in the West as truncated and not objective. Much of the content in is not available in English which vastly limits its use in academia.

Within the community of China’s 400 million Internet users, Google is only a minor player. It pales in comparison to which holds 60% of the market share – a position Google is not accustomed to playing. It is speculated that Google’s position on anti-censorship is chiefly an excuse used to mask poor performance. Furthermore, Google’s methodology that made it so popular everywhere else is just not accepted or required within the masses of users who are comfortable with the tools available to them up to now.

After much deliberating, Google has recently announced it will pull out of the country of China citing, above all, censorship. The web giant is no longer willing

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