Mgt 521 Week 2 Functional Areas of Business Paper

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Roles of a Manager

Mobin Bahrami


Michael Mc Dermott

Roles of a Manager

As organizations deal with today's challenges such as changing technology, and the worldwide economic climate managers play an important role to set clear expectations and goals for a company. The role of a manager in a firm is to be a leader and oversee the work of other employees allowing business to run smoothly and efficiently. Some functional areas of business include human resource management, strategic planning, and leadership that are an essential part of a business and managers must use to meet an organization's goals and mission.
Human Resource Management Human resource management (HRM) manages the company's employees
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Also strategic planning grant managers to measure milestones, monitor progress, and determine improvement within an organization. "Thus, through the strategic planning process, institutions of every kind—public and private; for-profit and non-profit; small, medium, and large—define or refine their visions and missions, set strategic goals and objectives, identify strategies for achieving them, and determine how they will measure the success of their efforts and implement improvements. Subsequent budget processes should then result in resource allocation decisions tied to these strategic imperatives in order to move the institution toward its vision" (Achampong, 2010). Lastly, strategic planning is imperative as firms are diverse and complex; therefore departments need to work together toward achieving the business's objectives. Leadership. Business's strategies are implemented and overseen by its top manager such as chief executive officer (CEO) who is ultimately responsible for majority decision making of an organization. " Managers from any country will need to be aware of how their decisions and actions will be viewed, not only by those who may agree, but more importantly, by those who may disagree. They will need to adjust their leadership styles and management approaches to accommodate these diverse views, and at the same time be as efficient and effective as possible in reaching the organization’s goals" (Stephen P. Robbins, 2012). One of

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