Mgt 330 Wk 3 Assignment Essay

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The Opening of New Dunkin Donut’s Locations
Constance E. Hill-Bankston
Management for Organizations
Brian Freeland
October 2015

The Opening of New Dunkin Donut’s Locations
As the newly appointed District Manager of Dunkin Donuts I find that it is my job to develop a team of employees who can help to ensure quality service and contribute to making each individual store a success. In this essay I will be discussing the job design that I have chosen as well as other strategies that I plan to use in order to make sure that I am building the right team of employees. First a little background as to why I first began working with this company. Dunkin Donut’s mission statement reads: "Make and serve the freshest, most delicious coffee and
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Customer care duties include greeting customers, providing prompt and helpful services, and handling customer complaints in a professional manager. Managers must ensure employees provide except customer care, as well. (2012, “”, para. 1).
Managers are in a sense individual versions of me. They are my eyes and ears at each location. They ensure that the store is running smoothly and that the staff is following all policies and guidelines. The third and final step in creating a job design is to identify the job specifications for each job listed above. In order to become a crew member or shift leader, one must possess a high school diploma, must be able to speak and write English, know how to count money and be able to operate restaurant equipment. A shift leader must also have at least 1 year experience supervising others. According to research found on the specifications for a manager are: two or more years in a food service/retail environment, 2 or 4 year degree or equivalent work experience, strong interpersonal and leadership skills, judgment, tact, and diplomacy to effectively resolve conflicts, intermediate PC skills - ability to use basic word processing and spreadsheet software for internal communications and data analysis. The listed training or certifications are as follows: Shift leader training, basic management, store management, human resource training, ServSafe, X-Pert Certified and Forward to

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