Mgt 330 Final Paper

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MGT 330

Final Paper

In today's economy, corporations have to fight to stay at the top in their chosen market(s) to stay competitively viable and return a profit to the vested shareholders. The profits not only have to be able to pay dividends to the shareholders, but they have to be able to sustain corporate operational expenses as well. This is becoming increasingly more difficult for companies based in the United States when their competitors from other countries have huge advantages in the form of lower taxes, lower labor wages and less or no benefits at all just too mention a few of improprieties. By implementing control systems we can track and have an accurate standing of the
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What was supposed to be about eliminating the seven wastes became about cutting bodies from production to obtain their yellow belts in Six Sigma. The biggest issue was the employees from the area had no say in what was going to happen because the Supervisor decided they wanted something specific and would not listen to anyone and was often trying to intimidate the employees to going along with their ideas. The problem was the employees are the ones doing the job all day, every day and are the subject matter experts for these jobs and they were being ignored instead of valued as a resource for information in the area. Through change management it took the company almost eight years to get the employees to volunteer to be on these Kaizen events after the initial debacle implementation. However the change management did finally when out with the new and improved training. Now on the Monday morning of the Kaizen event there is a three hour training session which covers all the rules and provides tools to use to your benefit. The training for the Kaizen event not only covers how the Kaizen event is to be covered but they normally utilize current and relevant information to encourage change of mindset as well. They may use newspaper articles or magazine articles to provide light on why we are utilizing lean methods and the benefits in comparison to our competitors.
About this same time, Amana initiated the Managing Daily Improvement (MDI) boards. These have

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