Mgt 307 Sample - Final Exam 3 Sets Essay

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MGT 307 SAMPLE - Final Exam 3 Sets -

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1) Organizational behavior is an interdisciplinary body of knowledge with strong ties to all of the following disciplines EXCEPT:

A. sociology.

B. anthropology.

C. psychology.

D. physics.

2) Which of the following statements about organizational behavior is NOT accurate?

A. organizational behavior seeks to improve the quality of work life.

B. organizational behavior has
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common culture

D. observable culture

6) Which of the following statements about the management of organizational culture is NOT correct?

A. corporate culture can be managed by using organizational development techniques to modify specific elements of the culture that address both external adaptation and internal integration.

B. good managers are able to help build resilient cultures in situations where the features of strong cultures are absent.

C. dictate rules from the top of the organization.

D. corporate culture can be managed by directly modifying the observable culture, shared values, and common assumptions that deal with issues of external adaptation.

7) According to the research conducted on the nature of managerial work, which of the following is false?

A. managers spend much time working alone.

B. managers work long hours.

C. managers work with many communication media.

D. managers work at fragmented and varied tasks.

8) Scientific methods models are simplified views of reality that try to identify major factors and forces underlying real-world phenomenon.

A. False

B. True

9) A person who is a __________ assumes a unique responsibility for work that is accomplished largely through the efforts of other

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