Mgt 215 Essay

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Ho Cheuk Yuen
MGT 215.
Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Assignment 1
7 April, 2014

1) Select a technology from 1850 to the present. Describe how it has affected productivity

A technology that comes to mind is server virtualization. We use them every day in the government as we work toward going green, lower cost, increasing productivity. Since the migration to the virtual servers we were able to cut paper files by ¾. We use a digital contract file now instead of a 6 pile folder with hundreds of page. Another reason the army has choosing to go this way is so it can spread the cost of maintenance and repair across several customers with shared servers. This results in a lower price per base. Then
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The widespread reliance on networking in business as well as the growth of the internet and online services is strong testimonies to the benefits of data and resources (Wireless Technology). Wireless solutions have advances these benefits by allowing users to access shared information, emails, and different applications without the constraints of the wired connection. Wireless technologies have also allowed network managers to set up or add to the networks without installing or removing wires. A wireless solution offers productivity, convenience and overall cost saving then the traditional wired networks (Wireless Technology).

(4) What is the role of the World Trade Organization (WTO)? Do you see it as primarily good or bad for the U.S?

The role of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is to oversee trade agreements including a wide range of goods and services trade and supervises all government practices that are directly related to trade, such as tariffs, subsidies, government procurement, and trade-related intellectual property rights (, 2011).
Here are some reasons why the WTO isn’t good for the USA. The WTO acts as the legislature, the executive and the judiciary in matters of world trade. The WTO allows countries to sue each other. This has been primarily used by the wealthy countries to push around the smaller, less

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