Mgt 195 Hk1 Business Policy and Strategy Midterm Exam Essay

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MGT 195 HK1 Business Policy And Strategy Midterm Exam MGT 195 HK1 Business Policy And Strategy Midterm Exam

Question 1
In the __________ stage of the industry life cycle, there are many segments, competition is very intense, and the emphasis on process design is high.

Question 2
One aspect of using a cost leadership strategy is that experience effects may lead to lower costs. Experience effects are achieved by:
Hiring more experienced personnel
Repeating a process until a task becomes easier
Spreading out a given expense or investment over a greater volume
Competing in an industry a long
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Question 8
Research has consistently shown that firms that achieve both cost leadership and differentiation advantages tend to perform:
At about the same level as firms that achieve either cost or differentiation advantages
About the same as firms that are “stuck-in-the-middle.”
Lower than firms that achieve differentiation advantages but higher than firms that achieve cost advantages
Higher than firms that achieve either a cost or a differentiation advantage

Question 9
One potential pitfall of a differentiation strategy is that a brand’s identification in the marketplace may become diluted through excessive product line extensions.

Question 10
The primary aim of strategic management at the business level is:
Maximizing risk-return tradeoffs through diversification
Achieving a low cost position
Maximizing differentiation of products and/or services
Achieving competitive advantage(s)

Question 11
An important advantage of first

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