Mgmt591Lsi Essay

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*LSI Paper
Leadership and Organizational Behavior-MGMT-591 (Online)
Professor: Timothy Staley

Introduction: While taking the Lifestyle inventory test, I learned some very insightful things about myself that I did not’t realize prior to taking the test. Some of those findings are a little surprising and others are things I knew already. In any event, awareness of ones self is the best way to changing negative attitudes into positive ones.
Personal Thinking Styles: My primary thinking style is Achievement (95%) which falls under the Constructive styles category.My secondary thinking style is Oppositional (87%) which falls under the Aggressive/Defensive style category. The high Achievement percentage represents
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While this is my second highest percentile score, it is also my limiting style. I would like to be less argumentative and confrontational (and therapy helps). This Life Styles Inventory assessment has helped me understand some of the implications of being an Oppositional thinker.
Impact on Management Style: I am not currently in a management position, however I would like to be one day. Based on the results of my LSI, I believe that I have a few things working for and against me. My Achievement style of thinking will allow me to be good at planning and organizing. The reason I say this is because people with this thinking style strive to be the best and that is nearly impossible without proper planning and organization. Now, when it comes to leading and controlling I get a little confused with the results. Achievement managers tend to lead by example and encourage in a positive way and this was my primary thinking style. However, my secondary thinking style suggests that I will be one of the leaders that everyone hates (in my own words). So, because this is a little contradictory I will make the call based on what I know about myself. Overall, I am encouraging of others and always try to help others solve their problems. This is something that I do in everyday life and at work. I still love to argue but I am better at picking my battles and learning

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