Mgmt 591 - Life Styles Inventory Assignment Essay

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Life Styles Inventory Assignment
Traya Ransom MGMT591 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Brett Gordon
November 11, 2012

This paper discusses the content Life Styles Inventory (LSI) results for Traya Ransom. It identifies her primary, backup, and limiting thinking styles, the impact her personal styles have on her management style, and it also explains how she developed the personal styles that were reveled in her LSI. The LSI results are shown on page 5.
Primary, Backup and Limiting Styles
Traya’s primary style is Achievement, with a percentile score of 99. This thinking style describes a person who has confidence in their ability to improve situations and is not afraid to take action. They are able
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Growing up, he loved to be at her father’s side, who is a pastor. She would also go with him to visit the sick, volunteer to help clean the church so that it always looked its best, and help watch over the children whenever needed. When she was 15 years old, her family moved to another state. Having to leave what was familiar and being a newcomer at school also played a role in the development her personal styles. She became more individualistic and self-reliant. These are things that helped her develop the personal styles revealed in the LSI.
Conclusion and Reflection
Traya’s primary and secondary styles are Achievement, and Self-Actualizing, respectively. By possessing Achievement personality style, she is able to have confidence in her ability to improve situations and is not afraid to take action. By possessing Self-Actualizing personality style, she has great sense of personal fulfillment and is able to enjoy living in the moment. Her limiting style is Perfectionistic. By possessing the Perfectionistic personality style, at time Traya can feel stressed because she tends to feel as if she has to be more than what she is. The LSI assessment was accurate in describing her personal styles. The development of her styles is due to her upbringing as the oldest sibling, her involvement with her church, and transition to a new school.
The LSI provided Traya the opportunity to take a closer look at within. This

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