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MGMT591 Final Exam * TCOs A, B * Individual Differences/Diversity * Management * Perception & Attribution * Culture

* TCO C * Motivation Theories * Content/Process * Needs * Equity * Expectancy * Rewards * TCO D * Teams * Development/Effectiveness * Communication * Decision Making * TCO E * Communication * Process * Organizational * TCO F * Conflict Management * Direct * Indirect * Negotiation * Negotiation Strategies * TCO G * Power/Influence * Types & Source of Power * Leadership
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Also, compare and contrast management's ideal results with the typical ideal results. Identify the most significant gaps between management's ideal and the actual results. What conclusions do you draw taking into account all of the facts presented and your analysis? Provide your recommendations for the nexttwo steps in the change process. How would you prioritize and sequence the necessary change?
(Points : 40)

6. (TCO C) As a manager you are in a situation where a key employee seems to have lost his excitement about the job. The employee's familiar positive tone and high energy approach to the job and the workplace seem to be on the wane. You really don't know what is going on with this person. But, you can try to start to understand this employee by examining various motivation theories. Use elements from each of Maslow's theory, Herzberg's Two-Factor theory, and Equity theory and assemble your own motivation theory to help you to start understanding this employee. Be sure to fully explain and define all elements that you use in your new model of motivation. Finally, compose a short case to demonstrate how your motivation model can actually be applied. (Points : 40)

7. (TCO G) The Michigan and Ohio State studies represent seminal research on leadership theory. Both studies identified two basic forms of leader behaviors. What were the similarities in the

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