Mg420 Labor Relations Essay

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1. Define and Discuss the Term “Collective Bargaining”

Collective bargaining is the process of negotiations involving the representatives of the employer and employee for terms and conditions of employment that will apply to the employee. In the United States the negotiations that happen between concerning parties are written into legally binding contracts and usually last from one to five years (Budd). As a member of the United States Air Force for over 20-years, military members cannot unionize to enact or demand a collective bargaining agreement be voted. This has the potential to undermine the authority of leadership. The military is built on ethics above the normal with customs that spark a sense of pride and belonging. A
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This agreement is most likely welcome by employees in the Houston, Texas offices. With the fast-growing areas in the Houston region, there has been a need to have cluster boxes installed in new neighbor hoods. There has been a delay in getting the locks from the vendor. Postal worker have stated to residents that when the locks do arrive, they are understaffed to install the cluster boxes and service the routes. In additions to hiring more postal workers nationwide, it will also give a 1 percent raise to non-bargaining employees. As with the United States Postal worker, the employees of the State of Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana were changed with those same principals.
According to Amanda Terkel of the Huffington Post website, he writes about the labor conflicts that happened in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana states. “Governor Scott walker from the state of Wisconsin tried to deprive the state’s public-employee unions for having a collective bargaining rights“. (Terkel). He attempted to make it possible to shore up the states estimated 3 billion loss. The legislative action that has caused major protest in Madison, Wisconsin; with gatherings around 25,000 protestors while Wisconsin’s Democratic senators have fled that state to stop the bill from being voted on. Thousands of opponents of Ohio’s Senate proposed collective bargaining overhaul surrounded the statehouse with chants of kill the ill prior to the hearing of Ohio’s Senate Bill 5. The bill is

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