Mg375 Operations Management Student Study Guide Final Examination 1.12

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MG375 Operations Management
Student Study Guide
Final Examination 1.12

This is a two-hour, closed book and closed notes test. Therefore, it cannot be a take-home test. Students may use a hand-held calculator during the test provided it does not have features that allow it to take pictures or otherwise store test information other than the current calculation. The calculator cannot have means to communicate via email, instant messenger or any other means.

Students are not allowed to use a computer during the test. Students are not allowed to bring extra “scratch” paper to the exam. They can use the back side of the test for scratch paper if needed.

The examination contains twenty multiple choice questions valued at 5 points
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Examples are machine shops and auto repair. e) Manufacturing Cell; A dedicated area where typically only one or a limited type of product or subassembly is made. Examples include a fast food kitchen. f) Assembly Line; Progressive steps that all products take as they work their way toward completion. Example is Automobile assembly. g) Continuous Process; flow is continuous as compared to the steps in an assembly line. Example is an oil refinery.
One approach used to choose between the five work flow arrangements is the Break Even Analysis. A break even analysis visually presents alternative profits and losses based upon the number of units produced or sold.

h) Distinguish between operations management duties, activities, and requirements in service organizations and manufacturing organizations. There are two primary distinctions between these categories.First,manu-facturing organizations produce physical,tangible goods that can be stored ininventory before they are needed.By contrast,service organizations produce intangi-ble products that cannot be produced ahead oftime.Second,in manufacturing orga-nizations most customers have no direct contact with the operation.Customercontact is made through distributors and retailers.For example,a customer buying acar at a car dealership never comes into contact with the automobile

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