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Amador Alan Castaneda
MG 354
20th September 2015

Unit #5

Currently a company by the name of MooBella has created an ice cream machine that serves 4.25 ounce of your own favorite ice cream. The machine can also has two different types of ice cream one being premium and the other being light. It can also add 3 mix ins and has 12 different flavors of ice cream to choose from. MooBella has developed this great and new innovation. The machine is completely computerized. This ice cream machine is able to serve a cup full of ice cream in 40 seconds (Longenecker, Petty, Palich, Hoy, 2012, p. 470) . Currently MooBella wants to place these ice cream machines through out the United States but wants to know the best locations to put it at.
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Now when it comes placing them at concerts it’s a great idea because at concerts most people are dancing which will cause them to get hot and the only way to cool yourself down is by getting a cold treat of some sort.
There are advantages and disadvantages that one must look at. For example the main advantages of this could be sales will go up due to the locations that they were placed in since all of the areas where they should be put at, most people look for an ice cold treat almost through out the entire day. Since they are putting them in these high traffic areas they are also promoting there brand, and if people love it for a personal reason maybe the company in the future will produce a mini version of it. When there are advantages there is got to be at least one disadvantage. The disadvantage I can see in all of these places or maintenance cost, and possible shipping and return costs. Since theses are new to the market there is not that many people that have the knowledge of fixing these machines so they may have to fly someone out to fix from there own company and possibly return it. I don’t know what the current rules for return shipping, but if MooBella pays for it could cost several hundred dollars or more. Another possible disadvantage I see is how easy and or fast can this company produce this machine. If demand is high and it take 5 days to make one with the amount of staff they have, they may have

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