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The United Mexican States, commonly known as Mexico is a federation of 31 free and sovereign states forming a union which have jurisdiction over its territories, federal district and Capital City. The Capital is Mexico City and the country operates under a President with governmental structure that is democratic, republican and representative. Each Mexican state has its own constitution, congress, and judiciaries with 6 year term elections for governors and 3 year terms for state congress. Each state is divided into the smallest political entity in the country, a municipality, which is governed by a municipal president or mayor who is elected by their residents.
The country itself has no official religion as the constitution of 1917
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Assisting immediate and extended family, which could be distant relatives and close family friends, is considered to be a duty within families, whether it is for providing a job reference or loaning money for a car or house purchase; providing a strong sense unity and stability.
Mexican families are fastidious about their tradition with the authority figure and ultimate decision maker being the father of the family, passing down from son to son. Mothers in the same hierarchal fashion are treated with extreme reverence, but are still considered secondary to their husbands or son’s if they are widowed. Family along with honor, status and structure are core values for Mexicans, with strong distinctions of class and formal hierarchies that are to be respected in both the home and workplace. Indirect communication is the norm for a request or to meet with an authority figure to show respect and maintain honor.
In social and business situations there are a variety of customs when greeting others. Men will shake hands when greeting someone in a formal situation or informally until they know someone well enough and then resort to a slap on the back or a more familiar hug depending on the person and situation. Women will typically not shake hands but will pat each other the right shoulder or forearm. In both situations use of the individual’s first name is considered rude until you are invited to use it. Unlike the US arriving late to a gathering is considered the norm where

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