Essay on Mexico And The United States And Guatemala

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Mexico is located in North America and borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico between the United States and Belize. It also borders the North Pacific Ocean between the United States and Guatemala. Its climate ranges from tropical to desert (CIA). Close to 93% speak Spanish only, 5.7% speak Spanish and some indigenous languages (including: Nahuatl, Mayan, etc.) and less than 2% speaking only an indigenous language or another unspecified language (CIA). The capital of Mexico is Mexico City or Distrito Federal. The estimated population of Mexico as of July 2015 was 121,736,809 (CIA). Mexico does not collect any census data on ethnicity. The ethnicities that make up this country are the following: Mestizo at 62%, Amerindian at 28%, and other at 10% which is mainly European (CIA). Mexico’s religions fall under these categories: Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Jehovah 's Witnesses, various other Evangelical Churches, unspecified and none practicing (CIA). They use Mexican pesos (MXN) as their currency. The nation’s GDP was lasted estimated at 1.283 trillion in 2014 (CIA). Family life in Mexico is based upon the traditional roles: the man of the house is the bread winner and the woman is the one who cooks and cleans. Though this has been changing in recent years. Family is very important to the people of Mexico this includes not only the immediate family but also other generations of family (Globerover, 2010). Mexican cuisine varies because of the size of…

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