Metrodeal. Com: Case Analysis: Electronic Payment System

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Register to read the introduction… Having the numbers, there’s an assumption that the minimum number of buyers needed per particular deal is achievable.

Metrodeal and merchant partnership promises a seamless transaction. This holds true because only when the minimum buys are reached and the deal is on, Metrodeal will take a portion of the sales and send the rest of the money to the merchant. Risk, stress, and headache free – a promise from Metrodeal for the merchants.

Once a buyer confirms to buy a particular product or services, they have the option to pay either through Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Deposit, Gcash, Smart Money or through LBC. Such variety of option to pay provides convenience to Metrodeal subscribers which can be identified as another strength for Metrodeal.


One weakness for Metrodeal is that they don’t earn if the deal does not meet its required number of buyers. The merchant would benefit from the free advertising but since arrangement with Metrodeal is to complete minimum number of buyers, Metrodeal can only charge fee once this is met. In short, there’s no guaranteed profit for
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A customer may still put importance to human factor when buying products or services rather than choose from a catalogue and decide on your own. At times, we still put importance on the ability of the salesperson to highlight the benefits and advantages of buying a product or service since directly questions and inquiries are answered.


One great opportunity for Metrodeal is that there can be unlimited number of merchants and even more potential online buyers or subscribers. Since application is web based and we all know how popular online purchases are during this era, we cannot put boundary or limit as to what Metrodeal can offer and even perhaps we cannot also place limit on the potential number of subscribers and customers online.

Another opportunity for Metrodeal apart from being a web based or online entity is to enter tri-media marketing. Though this maybe expensive as compared to being an online based however print, radio and TV can definitely increase the popularity of Metrodeal as compared to being exclusive for internet only.


Once a particular business model turns to be successful, you can expect competitors to copy or imitate the same. As such, there are a number of competitors giving the best offers and giving Metrodeal a good deal of

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