Metrical Composition Iv By The Great John Fowles Essay

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Metrical Composition IV
According to the great John Fowles, “We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in word.” The beast of what art is compelled of, and the individual presents of being able to express the feelings that you have towards something you are dealing with in life can be announced as poetry . The aesthetic rhythm presents the audience with a gulling fiction of love, nature, hate, and suspense. Time has developed where a spread of hip hop artists are boasting about their work of writing, and developing a poem atmosphere in their music. The profession is the poet: we fail to shed light on those who have inspired others in being great, and those who begin a new movement for others to follow. Those would be writers giving rappers a hand on how to interact with other emotions through lyrical specimens. Poetry is a powerful instructional tool and an important art to study. Poetry is a worthy expression of emotions, deep feelings, and aesthetics. It is a sense of what is beautiful about the world.
Only words can truthfully determine how humans react to certain situations. We allow ourselves to be free of any pain by writing whatever we feel is right, or promote what is wrong. There are words that can change your life forever because they change the way you look and listened to the world. The writing world leads to many experiences,and personal development, and societal differences, the storytelling genre has lived for centuries and tend to…

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