Methods To Living A Unhealthy Lifestyle

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Methods to achieve a heathy lifestyle Fat,huge, and gross are all words that people think when they hear the word obese. Obesity is something that effects many people, according to the NIH “More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese”. Now with that being said you might ask yourself how is that possible? Well, people become obese because they lack motivation to workout, they have unhealthy eating habits, and people not knowing how to live a healthy lifestyle. Living a heathy lifestyle is not as easy as it seems. Most people don’t even know how to begin to start living a heathy lifestyle. As for myself, I can sadly say I lack in two of those categories. I lack in motivation and I have unhealthy eating …show more content…
This is because, most the time, the best tasting food is unhealthy. That is why creating good eating habits are important. With the help of the fitness driven show, “The Biggest Loser” this can be done a lot easier. The shows gives a person a lot of knowledge on heathy food to eat and the importance of eating healthy. Also, they came out with their own diet plan called “The Biggest Loser Club” which is suppose to make a person eat healthy. According to Kara Mayer Robinson (a writer for WebMd), the Biggest Loser Diet does, in fact, work if you follow the diet’s guide lines. In fact, a person will lose body fat and keep their muscle when on this diet. Also, this diet can reduce the risk of getting diabetes. Another thing is, according to “Marina’s Success Story”, Marina has lost an amazing 66 pounds using this diet plan. Next, Marina talks about how as little as walking for an hour a day is enough to lose the weight she wanted to. Also, she says “the fact that you can go online at any time to check calorie counts and monitor your progress is very motivating”. This means that the website is very easy to use, which is a big plus when on a diet. So, changing eating habits is not an easy task, but with the help from the Biggest Loser and their diet plan achieving a healthy life style is

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