Methods Of Police Brutality

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Police Brutality has been a long part of American history. It’s ugly, but true. What exactly is police brutality? What causes it? Is it avoidable? Who is exactly the blame? Police brutality is the use of unnecessary or over excessive force. Police brutality long existed through the Industrial Revolution of the US, in the 1960. While the most common form of police brutality is physical. Police brutality can be considered if the use of nerve gas, clubs, pepper spray or guns are used to intentionally harm or physically intimidate a civilian. More forms police brutality can be verbal abuse, psychological intimidation, police corruption, sexual abuse, false arrest, political repression, misuse of tasers, and racial profiling (Danilina 2015).
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A non-violent method like protesting and mass marching is one way to gather attention (Gane-McCalla). If the police reacts violently, it makes them look bad for the use of force. This method probably would not cause any immediate changes, but making your cause know and causing awareness will get others to look and wonder.
Recording the incident is another effective way of battling this. By catching the harassment in the act, there would be evidence against the officer and their misconduct. With the ready access to cameras and cellphones video recorders and the internet to make it viral, it would be hard for the officer to deny their actions. The Black Panthers are known for using this method (Gane-McCalla).
Voting out politicians who condones or turn a blind eye to the matter would greatly improve the situation. By having politicians in office who will make a stand and help prevent police brutality, we can ensure that there would be more laws or procedures to help protect against this problem. And with that in mind, we can also know that laws protecting is us from police brutality. Coupled with this, having musicians, like rappers, to do songs about the problems of police brutality, the younger generations would be able to grasp just how much a big problem this is

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