Methods Of Data Collected From The Uniten Library Emerald, Google Scholar And Normal Website Google

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In this chapter, there will be information on method that will be applied in this study. It will also provide the definition and a brief explanation about the variable used for this study, including the sampling of the data, the technique, data analysis and hypothesis. The process of collecting data is clearly describe the types of data collected and the methodology provide more details about types and methods of test performed.

In order to gather more information of this study, most of the journals will be collected from the Uniten Library Emerald, Google scholar and normal website Google. The journals are basically related to this study as my reference and theoretical as literature review of this study.

In my study, there are three independent variables that will be used which is measured by Tobin’s marginal q ratio. Meanwhile, for dependent variables, its capable to measuring reversibility about the strengths and weakness of existing techniques in capital budgeting decisions.
The term Capital Budgeting is used to describe actions relating to planning and financing capital outlays for purposes such as purchase of new machines, introduction of new products, and modernization of facilities. Capital budgeting involves a commitment of funds now in order to receive cash flows in the future.
The Tobin 's Q ratio is a measure of firm assets in relation to a firm 's market value. When the Tobin 's Q ratio is between 0 and 1, it costs more to replace a firm 's assets than the…

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