Methods For Managing Storm Water Essays

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Storm water is a large quantity of rain fall or excess water from melted snow or ice. Storm water runoff is the melted ice or snow that flows into the nearest river, creek, lake or ocean instead of being infiltrated into the ground. Storm water management is to lessen as much polluted runoff water flowing back into the nearest body of water. Within in this paper, methods for managing storm water will be issued.
Stormwater runoff has been documented to increase flooding which reduces ground water infiltration and shallow interflow. Within the water there are pollutants such as nutrients, and pathogens. A way to reduce pollutants would be to use a stormwater management system that puts water into the ground or in the air to imitate what occurs naturally, a design element authorities should use to fix this issue (Hunter, 2010).
As stormwater practices are being implemented, stormwater managers are realizing that they need to have the stormwater practices maintained because millions of dollars are being invested to treat storm water and if practices are not maintained then the money will be going to waste. (Hunter, 2010).
A way to help maintain stormwater management would be to educate students at college or university campuses as well as locals. For example, at Villanova University, the stormwater management on that campus serves to clean the water, but also helps beautify the campus, changing the opinion of locals who do not pay much attention to the need of stormwater…

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