Methods And Prevention Of Sexually Transmitted Infections

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STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) are Infections that are transmitted through coitus with another domestic partner. Normally STD’s are transmitted through any kind of sexual intercourse. Sexually Transmitted Diseases are avoidable. There are many strategies, but the most efficient way is to have sexual intercourse with one partner, making sure that your partner didn’t have sexual relations with anyone else. This method is not practiced by many. Another method is a condom. A condom fits over the male erect penis, to protect both partners of any diseases that may exist. It is also critical to buy the right kind of condom. Some condoms are porous, which means bacteria can travel through the holes as well as sperm. There are all kinds of condoms, and usually you get what you pay for. Generally, latex condoms are very effective in preventing STD’s and pregnancy, however they do sometimes fail, so its not 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy or disease. There are numerous methods out there, but the most efficient …show more content…
AIDS is and acroynym for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is a disease that attacks the body 's immune system. When someones immune system is damaged, everyday illnesses like a cold or flu can be deadly. This disease is transmitted by sexual intercourse, drugs, and blood to blood contact. Since the 1980 's all blood is checked before blood transfusions take place. AIDS can be passed on to a baby through the placenta, and of course through coitus. and it. Sharing needles during drug use is another common way this disease is spread. Unfortuantley, there isn 't a treatment at this time, however the diseases can be weakened and slowed down .All over the world Scientists are trying to develop immunity to this terrible disease. There are millions of people that die yearly to this disease. I think that finding a cure should be one of the main goals of the 21st

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