Methods And Materials Of A Virtual Machine From Oracle Virtualbox Using A Linux Operating System

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2. Methods and Materials In the study, the researcher defined subjects as each individual test that the program ran, also observable through the stocks from various companies. Specifically, the researcher used the historical stock data from Amazon (AMZN), Six Flags (SIX), Oracle (ORCL), and Yahoo (YHOO). The data started at various dates detailing the oldest stock data available and often continued until the day before testing (See Appendix A for more information regarding raw data).

2.1 Concerning Hardware Requirements To optimize program and time efficiency as well as logical product availability, the researcher used a virtual machine from Oracle VirtualBox using a Linux operating system (The next section details software requirements in detail. Appendix B also contains additional information regarding software requirements). The researcher allocated a range of 1 GB RAM to 6 GB RAM depending on the availability of memory, also allocating a range of 1 to 6 cores dependent on the availability of the physical machine. All processors operated at a speed greater than 2.0 GHz.

2.2 Concerning Software Requirements The virtual machine used the 64-bit version 14.04.2 Ubuntu Linux operating system (Appendix B details additional information regarding raw software requirements). Within the virtual machine, the researcher imported the various Numenta libraries from the Internet, using the instructions found in the Numenta Github repository for easier transfer (Appendix C…

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