Method of Evangelism Essay

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Methods of Evangelism Paper

PART ONE - Evangelistic Method #1
The first evangelistic method I chose to write about is the Romans road (Wheeler, 2000). The Romans road is a simple way of walking a person down a road to salvation. According to Wheeler (2000), this method uses verses in Romans to show a lost person why they need a savior. Romans 3:23 (New International Version) tells them that they are not alone in their sin; we have all sinned. Romans 6:23 tells us that the penalty for sin is death but God has given us a gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Then in Romans 5:8 we are told how much God loves us despite our sinful nature. We then use Romans 10:9, 13 to tell the unbeliever how s/he can become a child of
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In this situation, there is already a relationship between the believer and non-believer. This allows the non-believer to not only hear about God, but see God in action in their friend’s life. “Friendship Evangelism means caring for people” (McGee, 2000, para. 20). This style of evangelism talks about effectively reaching your friends because they trust you. You are able to be successful because they know you care for them, accept them, and love them. One advantage to this style of evangelism is that you are already comfortable with the person you are witnessing to. Also the person usually already knows who you are and what you believe. Evangelizing your friends would also be easier because you would already have a pretty good idea of how your friend felt about Jesus. If your friend accepted Christ, you would be able to have a closer relationship with them than you already did. You also would be able to better disciple them if they made the decision to live for Christ. One disadvantage to friendship evangelism would be that you could lose a friend. Additionally, you could also be accused of being their friend only for the purpose of converting them. You could run the risk of being perceived as unauthentic. If you only wait till you become friends with someone to share the Gospel with them, then you are limiting the potential you have in witnessing to others. You are also limiting God and what He is able to do through you. This

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