Methanolic Extract of Eggplant (Solanum Melogena) Peel as a Dye Pigment in Differential Stains

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Methanolic Extract of Eggplant (Solanum melogena) Peel as a Dye Pigment in Differential Stains

Azucena, Alexis G.

An Official Entry to 2010 Regional Science Fair
Cluster 2
Physical Science- Individual

Negros Occidental National Science High School

January 13, 2011

Ma. Melanie P. Romero
Research IIB Adviser
The research paper attached hereto, entitled, “Methanolic Extract of Eggplant (Solanum melogena) Peel as a Dye Pigment in Differential Stains”, prepared and submitted by Alexis G. Azucena in partial fulfillment of the requirement in Research II-B is hereby accepted.

_____________________________ ______________________________ Mrs. Ma. Melanie P. Romero Mr. Philip E.
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aureus extract 1”, “S. aureus extract 2”, “E. coli Gram 1”, “E. coli Gram 2”, “E. coli extract 1”, “E. coli extract 2”, “B. cereus Gram 1”, “B. cereus Gram 2” “B. cereus extract 1”, “B. cereus extract 2”, “P. aeroginusa Gram 1”, “P. aeroginusa Gram 2”, “P. aeroginusa extract 1” and “P. aeroginusa extract 2”. Glass slides that labeled “1” will be used
Extraction and Purification of Eggplant Peels The extraction and purification of eggplant peels were done under the anthocyanin extraction protocol. Eggplant peels were homogenized in the 100 mL of acidified methanol. The eggplant peels were then macerated for one (1) hour by using the macerator. After maceration, the slurry was filtered by using the Whatman filter paper. The filtered extract was then put in the 100 mL Erlenmeyer flask. The extract was then put in the water bath set at 70 °C to evaporate the methanol in the extract. This was done for overnight. Pure crude of eggplant peels was then obtained. The pure crude was then diluted in the 10 mL distilled water. Methanolic extract was then obtained.
Gram Staining The Gram staining was performed following the Gram staining protocol. Four (4) slides containing the label “extract” were prepared. Crystal violet was then poured in the slides by using a plastic dropper. The stain was left for 1 minute. Distilled water was rinsed in the slides. Methanolic extract was then poured in the slides using a dropper and then left for forty-five (45) seconds. Ethyl

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