Metaphysics : What It Is? Essay

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Quite literally, the meaning of philosophy is “love of wisdom”. Ultimately, people take on philosophy as an action when they wish to pursue an understanding in the fundamental authenticity about themselves, the type of world they exist in, and their relationships with the world and the people around them. Those who are naturally drawn to studying philosophy often engage in asking questions, answering them, and also dispute for answers to the most basic questions life may throw at them. In order to get a broader and more systematic sense of philosophy, those who have mastered it have divided it into major areas of study. At the foundation, metaphysics is a broad area of philosophy studying the nature of reality, what really exists in the world, what it’s like and the order of it all. One aim of metaphysics is to answer the most general question: are there rules implementing to everything that is real? If we come from a specific nature of existing and if we can differentiate them from each other? The second aim is to expose what is real, giving us answers to why the things in our life really happen to us. Generally, philosophers in this specific area tackle on questions such as “Is there a God?”, “How are the mind and body related?”, and “What does it mean for one even to cause another?” After metaphysics, the next area would be epistemology. Epistemology is the study of knowledge. It is mainly distressed with what we can know about our world and the ways that we can know…

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