Essay on Metaphors of Organization

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Gareth Morgan's Metaphors of Organizations


Metaphors help simplify complex concepts by integrating an already know term to a new term, therefore making it more comprehensible to the readers. In his book, Images of Organization, Gareth Morgan (2006) simply applied metaphors in bringing to our understanding the different perspectives and faces of organizations (Bottero, K, 2013) This paper would pinpoint and attempt to examine the major metaphoric postulations of Gareth Morgan’s Images of Organization. As Morgan would say, the entire management and organizational theories essentially emanate from implicit mind frames or metaphors that attempt to convince humans to see, know and visualize situations in
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For instance, under the machine metaphor, an employee who refuses to put in additional hours at work would be perceived as a damaged or broken part that needed calibration, where as from the political metaphor view, which values individual’s interests, that individual may be seen as someone utilizing his/her freedom of choice to live outside the boundaries of the work environment (Prince, L. 2007)

In this present dispensation of adaptive problem solving, hardly offering easy-made solutions to complex problems, there is need for managers to be creative and innovation to catch up with the ever-dynamic consumers’ demographics and changing consumption pattern and behaviors. Managing change can be one of the most herculean tasks of a manager, however, Morgan’s Images of Organization offers quick solutions to such problems as change (Lambert111, J.2009) Morgan(2006) in his book, succinctly noted that for leaders to be effective, they must acquire the ability to see and handle difficult projects with a new mind set, as well as being flexible and receptive to a wide variety of alternative lines of actions to choose from ( Lambert111,J.2009) Gareth Morgan is of the stern belief that managers can have a better understanding of their organizations if they can be able to acknowledge the fact that the theories of

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