Ball Turret Gunner Paraphrase

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In “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner,” the usage of metaphors and imagery throughout Jarrell’s poem helps the reader understand the overall theme of how war can cause death and wreak havoc in a young person, how can be a struggle for the soldier’s family, and how disappointing it is when a man doesn’t reach his full potential in life because of being forced to go to war. Jarrell uses key words throughout his poem to show us how war can be a terrible thing, especially for the young people being forced to fight in wars. Many young men in previous wars were forced to participate because of the drafts that had taken place back in this time of 1945. Jarrell uses first person narrative to show how a young man feels about being taken into war and dying without living his life to the fullest. The author uses these two types of figurative language to show how their different meanings can help us understand the overall theme of the poem. In the first line of Jarrell’s poem he uses the word “mother” to give us an image while reading throughout the poem (Jarrell 590). Putting the image of our mother’s in the readers …show more content…
Jerrell uses the imagery and metaphors to draw the attention of the reader in to really show how war can really be something that can have an impact on a man and his family. With these types of figurative language, Jerrell uses these to assist in showing how it is relatable to the theme of the story. Showing the reader, the images and using metaphors helps gain a sense of what war is like and how terrible it can be for a young man and his family, contributing to the theme of the

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