Metaphor And Thought By Hugh Petrie And Rebecca Oshlag Essay

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In Metaphor and Thought, Hugh Petrie and Rebecca Oshlag argue that “metaphor is one of the central ways of leaping the epistemological chasm between old knowledge and radically new knowledge” (Petrie and Oshlag 583). Scientists compare cognitive domains in order to apply widely “idealized cognitive models” to previously unexplained natural phenomena (Kövecses 173). In absorbing “truly new forms of knowledge and understanding,” learners construct, reject, and accept metaphorical comparisons of concrete domains, or familiar concepts, to the more abstract target domain, which the learner attempts to understand. To configure a precise model for understanding alien concepts, learners process and test the possible correspondences between the source and target domains to detect “anomalies” that contradict reality (Petrie and Oshag 587). By applying what he or she knows about the concrete domains to the abstract domain through metaphors, the learner accumulates information on the abstract domain through the coinciding paradigm shift, which supplants previous models of the target with a model corresponding to the concrete domains of the metaphors. Kenneth Mason, Jonathan Losos, and Susan Singer attempt to introduce readers of their textbook, Biology, to the CELL abstract domain in their fourth chapter by intentionally selecting objects or concepts that readers often encounter, as concrete source domains with which to describe the target domains of cellular structure and function.…

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