Metamorphoses Of Ovid Analysis

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What is to be human and how might this apply to the actions of the Greco-Roman mythological gods and goddesses? How do they share similar characteristics with the human world? This essay will closely analyze and distinguish how the Greco-Roman gods and goddesses share human emotions. “The Metamorphoses of Ovid” demonstrates to the readers on how these gods and goddesses, demigods, monsters, heroes, etc., obtain weaknesses and strength by being highly emotional and behaving inconsistently and immorally like humans do. Interestingly enough, according to its myth, they share the same distinctive human body—Zeus is depicted as a grown man who has a beard, muscular, and with long curly hair, but most importantly, they share the same …show more content…
The Almighty god, Jove, in the Greco-Roman mythology, he shares this same quality of lusting for people. As an illustration, Jove, while he had caught eyes on Io, he immediately was overpowered by lust or so called “love”; “Now it was Jove who had caught sight of Io; she was returning from her father’s stream and said; “O virgin, you might indeed merit Jove and will make any man you wed—whoever he may be—most glad” (Book I, 26). Jove then raped her when he veiled the land with a cloud of mist. According to physiologists and anthropologists, lust is a reproductive habit; it is a feeling of desire or an impulse of nature. Desire can subjugate a man and can make somebody totally bound by its powers. Dr. Neel Burton, who is a psychologist and wrote on the subject of lust, “The Philosophy of Lust”, he explained the importance of lust in the human life; “There are many reasons for which we can desire sex, for example, to be close to someone, to hold on to or manipulate that person, to hurt a third party, to hurt ourselves, to define our identity, to make a child, or to gain some advantage such as money or security” (Burton, Neel). In this case, Jove intentions of desire are in fact unlawful; it is defined as a sexual assault now, not like it did in the Ancient Greco-Roman time. How might this apply to a human characteristic? Statistically speaking, rape is the most under-reported crime, about 63% are not reported and that is sadly to say as this percentage keeps increasing. Although Jove is portrayed as a male, rape is not only a men thing, it is a human issue. Therefore, when Jove is overpowered by lust and he rapes his targets, he is literally sharing a human flaw, a human issue. However, this is not the only time Jove is overpowered by lust, this happens occasionally throughout

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