Metal Roofing Case Study

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing| Commercial Roofing Fort Worth
While it is true that metal roofing are more costly than asphalt, and built up roofing (BUR), metal roofs are easier to clean, maintain their appearance longer, and can last a lifetime with minimal care. In addition, many decades later when the roof begins to show the signs of aging, metal roof coatings can extend the life of the roof, and coatings may be repeated through the life of the building for almost indefinite commercial roofing in Fort Worth. When selecting a metal roof, building owners choose between metal roofing, and standing seam metal roofing.
While standing seam systems will cost you more, it is worth the extra cost for the following reasons:
1. Standing seam metal
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The roofing is fastened with clips that lie beneath the metal panels where the screw is hidden and therefore is not exposed to the weather. The clip is secured to the roof allowing the metal roofing system to cycle through expansion and contraction without difficulty or the risk of leaks to your buildings commercial roofing in Fort Worth.
2. Standing seam is a metal roofing system that is designed to interlock keeping water out. The result is commercial roofing in Fort Worth that is waterproof for the long term. Metal roofing is fastened with exposed screws, and the panels do not interlock.
3. Metal roofing is popular for its long lifespan, and standing seam metal commercial roofing in Fort Worth will last up to 3 times longer than lighter gauge, screw down metal roofing when properly installed. The metal is thicker for standing seam, and the paint will outlast the thinner gauged metal. Eventually, all metal roofing will require painting or the application of a roof coating many decades down the road, but with standing seam metal roofing, the need will be
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A standing seam metal roof offers a pleasing aesthetic appeal that is timeless, and when the benefits are considered, make it a sound, long term choice for commercial roofing in Fort Worth.
Metal Roof Repair

Facts About Metal Roofing
• Metal roofing thickness is measured in gauge. Common gauges of metal roofing are 29, 26, 24, and even a 22 gauge. The lower the number of the gauge the thicker the metal roofing is.
• Metal roofing is painted with a variety of paints such as acrylic based, urethane based, silicone based, and resin based. Kynar Hylar and Mylar paint are resin based and provides a longer lasting metal roofing paint. In addition, it resists weathering and fading, sheds dirt, and is resistant to mildew and algae.
• Standing seam metal roofs require a roofer with skill, attention to detail, proper training, and ample experience to install correctly, providing long lasting commercial roofing in Fort Worth.
• The two main types of standing seam roofing are mechanically seamed, or snap lock. Mechanically seamed metal roofing panels are bent over together to form the seam. Snap lock metal roofing panels push together, and lock into

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