Essay on Metabolic Superstorm

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Metabolic Superstorm

1. Fill in the chart below. Use “+” if the patient’s vital sign is higher than normal, “−” if the sign is lower than normal, or “x” if the sign is normal. If you need to, use your text or another resource to determine normal values.

Vital Sign Increase/Decrease/Normal

Respiration Rate +
Heart Rate +
Blood Pressure -
Body Temperature +

2. If you were the doctors on the scene, what diagnosis would you give this patient? (You may use the internet to help diagnose the patient.)

I would question as to whether he has any allergies. The heart rate and respiration elevation, and low blood pressure can be present in allergic reactions.

3. Jot down some notes about your
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3) How is MH triggered?
MH is triggered by certain anesthetics often used during surgery, once administered to a person with this condition.
4) What is the metabolic storm?
Metabolic Storm refers to the symptoms that occur in MH: patient’s muscles become rigid, respirations become very rapid, heart begins to beat fast and irregularly, skin becomes mottled, body temperature increases extremely, and blood pressure lowers to dangerous levels quickly.
5) How does malignant hyperthermia disrupt muscle physiology?
In MH, the SR in the skeletal muscle cell is affected, causing Calcium to be released into the cell, resulting in a drastic increase in intracellular Calcium levels and muscle contraction. This causes a cycle where muscle maintains contraction.

6) Why does body temperature rise during malignant hyperthermia?
During MH, body temperature rises because of the heat that is produced by the severe muscle contractions that are occurring in the person’s body.

7) Why does body temperature rise during malignant hyperthermia?
The standard test for MH is through a muscle biopsy (CHCT). In CHCT, they remove a large portion of the muscle from the patient in surgery and immediately take it to the lab for testing. There is genetic testing for this condition available, but it only detects about 30%. People usually find out they have this

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