Mestizaje As A Spanish Term Essay

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Mestizaje is a Spanish term that is acknowledged when the individual is interrelated of mixed descendant and also related to miscegenation. There are a variety of different societal attitudes towards Mestizaje and Miscegenation. Furthermore, scholars who studied racial and gender formations have affirmed that people who embodied multiracial descent disrupt, “the social projects which create and reproduce structures of domination based on essentialist categories of race that have existed since that time or before.”(Casas, pp.16) Thus, by analyzing this assessment this shows that Mestizaje was defined as the population’s cultural mixing. Overall, Mestizaje was used to describe people in Latin America because most of the people spoke Spanish so they would use the phrase called Mestizaje. However, in Early America where there is a mixture of different racial groups that consisted of Black, European, and so forth, so they would use the term miscegenation to acknowledge about mixing races. Likewise, Mestizaje was regulated in Colonial Latin America differently and was different from the concept of miscegenation employed in Early America.
Mestizaje is known as intermixing groups of race and mestizo is categorized when the person is mixed with Indian and Spanish. For example, a guy named Steven in Mexico who is European and Amerindian descent and his friends and friend’s friends are considered a mestizo descendant too because they are mixed indigenous and European. Furthermore, the…

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