Mestiza Legacy Poem

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Mestiza, mestiza:a woman of mixed race, especially the offspring of a Spaniard and an American Indian. A mestiza women as said is a mix of two different races, a mix of two cultures. Being a mix of two cultures can be a gift or a curse. In this case it is a curse , it 's a curse because of the hatred she received from both both cultures. Examples of this are shown in "Mestiza Legacy" (Magdelena gomez). In the poem she expresses the feelings and thoughts of Amitiza woman through different literary devices some include imagery and repetition.

In "Mestiza" legacy it describes a mestiza women that is conflicted. A mestiza women is a woman of mixed race, especially the offspring of a Spaniard and an South American Indian. In the poem "Mestiza
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Imagery is used by several authors when writing, Imagery is a great way to help your reader better understand what is happening by really using descriptive or figurative language they also giving a good image of where your character is or what the character may be seeing.Imagery is a great literary device to use for the poem “Mestiza legacy” by (Magdelena Gomez). because it is used to specify where she is, how she feels and what is going on around here. The writer uses the literary device in the poem for example the child looks at her father for love he is hunting always hunting with hands with feet his body exposed to the elements the writer uses this example to represent in the tree because he 's giving you a good sense of how the mestiza children feel not having their other half be with them the other half being their Spanish roots. Another example of imagery is Wendy the writer says the "hunter tangled in the net he never saw wounded by the bullet he cannot find cooked by the tears that will not come he hunts". They use the hunter in the quote as the man being hunted it is representing him as a native who never saw the disaster that would come from the spanish invaders. How they never expected to be taken from their land and be sould as slaves. Or to be killed over their land that they love so much. Imagery is not the …show more content…
It takes you through the feelings and thought of A mestiza woman. The writer uses different types of literary devices to express the feelings and thoughts of the mestiza woman some of the literary devices the thread are uses is imagery and tone she uses imagery to have the reader see the bigger picture and to really feel what the mestiza woman feels. She uses repetition to have the reaader see the bigger picture of what is going on by repeating the phrase " ships leave the harbor the ghost remain “(Magdelena Gomez). The ships being the Spanish that left the natives while the ghost being the most mestiza children that were left by the

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