Essay on Mesopotamian Culture On Hebrew Bible

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Mesopotamian cultural has a large influence on Hebrew Bible. By comparing Mesopotamian art and literature with Hebrew Bible, It is easy to see that there are many Mesopotamian cultural elements embedded in the Old Testimony, and one of them are the human-head animal-body guardian figure.
It is a common phenomenon that each ancient civilization has its own mythical protector(s): the dragon and Tao tie in ancient China, the sphinx in Egypt, the cherubim in Israel, and the Lamasu in Mesopotamia. This phenomenon of having a guardian itself is not that surprising. What is interesting however is that some of those supernatural protectors share astonishing similarities in their appearances and positions, and all those similarities render people to think about the connections between those civilizations, and one of the examples would be the protective figures in Mesopotamian culture and the Cherubim in Hebrew Bible.
Mesopotamian culture is rich in the animal-human combination supernatural figures. While walking in the ancient near east session in Metropolitan Museum, people could easily be captivated by the grandiose of Mesopotamian guardian figures. Two of them are the apkallu and the Lamassu. Apkallu, a bird-headed supernatural figure, has the eagle head, human torso, and two pairs of wings, and according to the ancient Assyrian palace wall painting relief it is responsible for protecting the divine tree. Lamassu, on the contrast, has the human head, lion body, bull feet, and a…

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