What Are Mesopotamia's Greatest Accomplishments

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One of Mesopotamia’s Greatest Inventions; Inscription

The civilization of Mesopotamia differed from others in several ways. Mesopotamia grew along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers where modern day Iraq is placed. They hold their monumental title because they taught themselves how to survive and make their lives easier. One of their most tremendous accomplishments consisted of achieving the ability of agriculture. This kept them alive but was not the only thing that made them who they are known as today. Mesopotamia had many key events that improved their way of living. These important events were held in different periods. Some of them contain the Ubaid period, Uruk period, and the Jemdet Nasr period. The Jemdet Nasr period stands out greater because of one main event; the creation of writing.

Mesopotamia started off with the success of creating agricultural systems. The region relied on its potent fertile soil, which they acquire through their steady water supply. Because of this, citizens had a sturdy way of acquiring nutrition causing a permanent food source. Farmers began to tame and treat animals. For example, various animals that they chose to domesticate were goats,
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Several interesting assurances happened such as culture acts or architectural performances. The most important of all the actions during this stage was the invention of writing. The progress of trading was one of the many reasons why script came into play. The development of complicated civilizations, social orders, economies with taxes, and trade all together proved that the town was in desperate need of written records. Writing managed all the systems that were presented, including political, religious, and military. The beginning of all written records came from the Sumerians. This was around 5000 years ago. They did not create stories or important documents. The original form of script was produced as marketable

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