Essay on Mesopotamia And Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia

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In ancient times, civilizations depended on the resources around them and how they could utilize their property to accommodate them. Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt are an important part of history where society can learn more about how things began. They were the first civilizations that have recorded evidence and were affected by the dictated outcomes of agricultural prosperity, religious formation, and government structures. The lands of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia was influxes by previous nomadic people and became the Agricultural Revolution. Mesopotamia is situated in cutting edge Iraq. The word Mesopotamia is a Greek word which means, between two rives. It is situated between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The city was situated close to the stream and encompassed by dividers. “It was home to more than 10,000 people by the late fourth millennium BCE and boasted many large public structures and temples.” (pg. 45) Over the years, Mesopotamia developed into an exchange and migrate economy. Ancient Egypt was an area with foreigners from the deserts east and west of the Nile River, Mediterranean district and northward from focal Africa. Because of numerous individuals originating from distinctive areas, the social practices and advancements were mixed. Egypt was molded by its geography. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were both encompassed by waterways. These waterways assisted with farming necessities that wound up being utilized for their exchange and cultural…

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