Essay on Mesa Verde National Park : California Park

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Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde is a national park everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It 's a site to behold and one full of history and intrigue. For those with a passion for archeology it is a gold mine of interesting ruins, artifacts, and new discoveries to be made. Mesa Verde is a national park as well as a world heritage center. It is managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Within it 's canyon are many ruins including 150 room “cliff palace” as well as other structures top side. The only access to the structures inside the canyon was to literally climb down the shear canyon wall using foot holds. This allowed protection from any outside intruders. They were built with materials found in the surrounding area such as wood, mortar and sandstone. They were used by the ancestral puebloans for over 600 years starting around the 1190 's. These structures served several purposes such as living quarters and storage rooms. Others held symbolic purposes and provides a place to gather, for ceremonies and for leaders. Many of these were Kivas that contained features such as fire pits to gather around. Thick walls also help protect the people from the hot summer heat and cold winter months. The cliff dwelling stay typically 50 degrees year round which meant that only small fires were needed to keep them warm during the desert nights and winter months.
On the top half of the canyon archeological sites have discovered evidence of pit houses and…

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