Merging Of Qualitative And Quantitative Data Essay

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The merging of qualitative and quantitative data in a mix methods study can improve both the value and validity of a study’s findings (Fetters, Curry, & Creswell, 2013; Venkatesh, Brown, & Sullivan, 2016). The integration portion of this study is set within a multiple paradigmatic perspective that embraces a pragmatic stance. Within this study, an exploratory sequential design (Venkatesh et al., 2016) was used, as the qualitative results guided the direction of the quantitative investigation. Specifically, this design allowed the survey to be built in such a way to validate the qualitative findings. In saying this, it is important to note that the survey questions were designed not only to confirm the qualitative results, but also to elicit possible expansion and discordance (Fetters et al., 2013). A nested sampling design was utilized (Venkatesh et al., 2016) as the qualitative study participants also participated in the quantitative portion of this study.
The data integration consisted of both building and merging type approaches (Fetters et al., 2013). For integration, the results of both studies were thematically compared. A narrative weaving approach described by Fetter et al. (2013) was used to integrate the findings of the two studies. This approach involves an integrative report of the results on a theme-by-theme basis in a narrative fashion (Fetters et al., 2013). Data transformation was not used as the goal of this integration was to either support…

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