Mergers and Acquisitions Essays

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Knotted forever…
By Amit Pande & Sandeep K Krishnan
In an ideal merger, the newly created entity pools the best features of the two merging organizations. A well planned process built on the foundations of an open, honest and consistent communication strategy can pave the way.
Mergers and acquisitions have become a common phenomenon in recent times. A merger of the size like HP-Compaq has implications for the workforce of these companies across the globe. Although the merging entities give a great deal of importance to financial matters and the outcomes, HR issues are the most neglected ones. Ironically studies show that most of the mergers fail to bring out the desired outcomes due to people related issues. The uncertainty brought out
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M&A activity presents a different set of challenge for the human resource managers in both acquiring and acquired organizations. The M&A activity is found to have serious impact on the performance of the employees during the period of transition. The M&A leads to stress on the employee, which is caused by the differences in human resource practices, uncertainty in the environment, cultural differences, and differences in organizational structure and changes in the managerial styles.
The organizational culture plays an important role during mergers and acquisitions as the organizational practices, managerial styles and structures to a large extent are determined by the organizational culture. Each organization has a different set of beliefs and value systems, which may clash owing to the M&A activity. The exposure to a new culture during the M&A leads to a psychological state called culture shock. The employees not only need to abandon their own culture, values and belief but also have to accept an entirely different culture. This exposure challenges the old organizational value system and practices leading to stress among the employees. Research has found that dissimilar cultures can produce feeling of hostility and significant discomfort which can lower the commitment and cooperation on the part of the employees. In case of cultural clash, one of the

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