Mere Christianity Is A Theological Book Written By C.s. Lewis

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Mere Christianity is a theological book written by C.S. Lewis, where he proclaims his views and arguments about society, primarily relating it to Christianity, and how the world governs it. Throughout the book, Lewis argues that God has affected the universe and has given us the ability to do anything. He believes in Christianity and how its is the “religion you could never have guessed” due to its ludicrous, yet also very practical, beliefs and statements, and how it is the most perfect option we can live by in our universe (42). He remarks that Christianity’s most notable problem is the conflict between “two equal and independent powers” that control the universe and are in a never-ending war. This war is undoubtedly the conflict between humans and the universe. I believe that society causes conflict when paired with the laws of human nature, religion, and morality as a whole; all of which reflect chaos into the universe. Independence is lacking within society since the law of human nature consumes it. This law consists of a natural connection between people, such as through orderly conduct and decent behaivor, and even the moral law; deciding between right and wrong. Some believe that it is instinct that comes with being a human. Lewis states two properties that all humans hold by stating, “You will probably feel two desires -- one a desire to give help, the other a desire keep out of danger” (9). Lewis describes these desires as examples of instincts since people tend…

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