Essay on Mercy Otis Warren And The Federalist Party

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Mercy Otis-Warren was among the first influential women in America. She was opposed to many things that the Federalist Americans brought about including many forms of the constitution and the Federalist Party. Warren in many aspects proved that she could create a better form of both the government and the constitution through the eighteen viewpoints listed in her writing, she expressed thoughts of the constitution and the federalist party that portrayed an evil like presence to the newly founded society, and did so in a manner that represented the anti-federalist party and what this party wanted for America. Throughout the writing known as, “Observations on the New Constitution” Mercy Otis Warren expressed many beliefs and ideas that suggested the Constitution and Federalist Party stripped America of many rights that they had once battled Britain for. Through this writing Warren was able to expand and express on ideas that she argued would enable the constitution to better itself as well as benefit Americans. Although there were eighteen points listed in this powerful writing, a few in particular helped nudge her argument into action and helped shape America and its government into what it is today. Although many points were ignored, those that were used, impacted America in great magnitude. One powerful point that Warren was able to bring to life was that which stated there was no rotation in government positions. This was her ninth point listed in, “Observations on the…

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